Career Highlights:

Roger Boykin is a multi-talented musician, having worked in many areas of music including blues, jazz, gospel, and funk.  He plays various instruments such as, guitar, bass, piano/keyboards, flute, and saxophone.

  As a teacher he has taught numerous singers and instrumentalists working around the world today. For 16 years he was a part of the music faculty at 

Booker T. Washington Performing and Visual Arts High School in Dallas, Texas, a school famous for training and inspiring performers in jazz, gospel, and popular genres.  Boykin has published music method books for piano, guitar, bass guitar, and saxophone.  He has produced various recordings for his Soultex Records label, which he founded in 1967.  Several of these recordings are soul and jazz collector's items.  He currently gigs and teaches select students in Dallas or via FaceTime.  As a song writer he has written for albums by David "Fathead" Newman, Blue Mitchell, Joyce Lofton,

Brenda Delasanta, and others.  One of his symphonic works was performed by the Dallas Symphony Orchestra in 1986.  As an author he wrote the play "Zanzibar" which was performed  at The Black Academy of Arts and Letters in 1990, and the novel "A Date At The Opera" which was published digitally by iBooks in 2015.  For 22 years he hosted a jazz radio show called "Just Jazz" on radio station KKDA-AM in North Texas.

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This site can assist customers with music lessons, provide referrals for "live" performances for concerts and events, both social and business.  We offer career advice for aspiring singers and instrumentalists, production assistance for recording sessions, custom band arrangements, lead sheets, transcriptions, professional bios, and event planning help.  

  Roger Boykin  is available for various types of events and concerts in the North Texas area. Boykin performs as a solo artist as well as with his trio and ensemble. He also lectures and hosts master classes on jazz and other styles of popular music.


With years of experience in music performance and music education, I can teach young fingers to play and young minds to think clearly about the ups and downs of music career.  Email me at: soultex@icloud.com.


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